When’s Your iPhone 6S Coming?

September 19, 2015
By Max Buondonno

Yesterday, we reported that Apple bumped up the shipping status for lots of customer’s iPhone 6S’s to “Preparing for Shipment”.
This stage in the Apple Online Store iPhone pre-ordering process indicates that Apple is packaging up units for shipment to customers for delivery next Friday and will likely begin charging customers soon as well.

I shared a link to the Post in a community on Google+ and everyone let me know if/when they were getting their iPhone 6S/Plus. And today I’d like to ask you the same question.

As the first Special Saturday Story, I ask you: when are you getting your iPhone 6S? Let us know by tweeting us (@mbeddedinc) which time frame Apple is telling you you’ll be getting your new 3D Touch-enabled smartphone.  You might even get a special shoutout on our website! Good luck!

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