iOS 9, watchOS 2 Apps Hitting App Store Ahead of Release Tomorrow

Ahead of tomorrow’s release, iOS 9 and watchOS 2 applications have begun making their way to the App Store. Apple is pushing them so they’re ready for immediate download tomorrow after customers upgrade the the latest mobile operating systems.  watchOS 2 for Apple Watch introduces native apps that run faster and have access to sensors, and iOS 9 introduces new split-screen multitasking and deeper Spotlight-integrated search capabilities. These are some of the watchOS 2 and iOS 9 apps we’re already starting to see hit the App Store:

  • Star Walk 2 ($2.99says it’s iOS 9 ready with version 2.0. The new app builds in Spotlight search “to find any object in the app” so hunting planets from the home screen should be easier. On the iPad, Star Walk supports Slide Over for viewing supported apps as an overlay. For Apple Watch users, Star Walk 2 now appears as a third-party complication (watch face widget) for checking each night’s stargazing index.
  • PCalc ($9.99version 3.5 adds split-screen multitasking on iPad and a native Apple Watch app to the iPhone version. PCalc being native on the watch means using the calculator no longer requires sending data back and forth to the iPhone for each step which makes it much faster and natural.
  • The Weather Channel (Freehas shared what’s coming up with their watchOS 2 app for Apple Watch. In addition to now being native and featuring a new home screen with hourly forecasts and animations, TWC’s Apple Watch app now features a watch face complication that displays the percent chance of rain coming toward your current location. This complication goes a step further and even looks ahead 48 hours using watchOS 2’s new Time Travel feature to pull percent chance of rain in the forecast.
  • The Guardian (Free) already added both Slide Over and Split View multitasking on iPad as well as a native Apple Watch app. Spotlight search can pull stories from the app right from the home screen. The update also supports iOS 9 Deep Linking and Universal Deep Linking for viewing stories with Safari within the app.
  • The Night Sky ($0.99) says it’s iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iOS 9 and watchOS 2 ready. For iOS the universal app supports 3D Touch on the new iPhones, split screen features on iPads, Spotlight search, and App Thinning to make a smaller-sized app. The Night Sky’s native Apple Watch app features an ISS complication to discover the next flyover and uses new access to the Digital Crown for rotating through the sky overhead.
  • Parcel (Free) is a delivery tracking app with a native watch app and support for iPad multitasking. Parcel supports Spotlight search and creating deep lined Reminders using Siri within the app. The app also includes contextual share menu support for recognizing selected tracking numbers in Mail, Safari, and other apps.
  • Plane Finder ($3.99) features split screen support on the newly-made universal iPad version.

More iOS 9 and watchOS 2 ready apps will most likely make their debut this evening into tomorrow, with Apple beginning to accept iOS 9 and watchOS 2 ready apps last Friday. Let us know if you notice any new apps iOS 9 or watchOS 2 ready by commenting below or by tweeting with either #iOS9Ready or #watchOS2Ready.