Wii-Like Controls Coming to Apple TV?

On Thursday, Apple announced that they’d host their next event on September 9th, with expectations high for the iPhone 6S.

Supposedly alongside the next flagship handset from Apple at the event is the refreshed Apple TV, reportedly on the way with a touch-based UI placed on the remote control, the A8 processor (the same one found in the iPhone 6 and iPod touch 6), a dedicated App Store for downloading developer-made apps made with the rumored dedicated SDK for the new set top box from Apple, and Siri voice commands (hence we see “Hey Siri, give us a hint.” in the invitation for Apple’s next event).

One feature supposedly coming, according to TechCrunch, is motion controls found on such devices as the Wii and other gaming consoles. It’s hard to imagine what this feature would bring to the tablet, but who knows! Considering Force Touch on the iPhone will most likely be used for just shortcuts, maybe that’s why Apple will place motion controls in the new Apple TV. Motion controls on Apple TV would be it’s Force Touch (if you think about it).

TechCrunch didn’t dive too deep on what to expect from this feature or whether we’ll see it or not, but the possibility is now there, so let the rumors and fairytales fly!