Don’t expect Apple Music on Your iPod Shuffle or Nano


There’s been talk about the new iPod Shuffle and Nano getting Apple Music circling around, but by now you’ve probably already guessed that they won’t be able to stream Apple Music due to they’re lack of WiFi capabilities. Well, not only will you not be able to stream Apple Music on your new media player, you can’t even store your offline library on it due to Apple’s effort to prevent piracy.

Due to the fact Apple can’t exactly tell whether your account is active or not while trying to sync offline music to your iPod Shuffle or Nano, they’ve blocked the ability all together, making it a little frustrating to some people. But hey, there might still be hope: maybe Taylor Swift just bought a new Shuffle for her daily run and she can’t sync her favorite albums from Apple Music to it. That would be a bummer if she had to write another letter wouldn’t it?

Aside from that, if you try to sync offline music to your new iPod, you’ll be faced with an error message similar to this:

So if you want to listen to your Apple Music library on an iPod, don’t bother getting a Shuffle or Nano. Instead, get a Touch, because the Touch runs iOS which includes the Music app where you can listen to your offline and online Apple Music library.