The new iPods have landed!

After almost 3 years with the same iPods, Apple has finally spiced up their lineup of portable music players with new colors for all and spec bumps for the iPod touch. Each new iPod is available in Space Gray, Gold, Silver, NEW Pink, NEW Blue, and (Product)RED. While the iPod nano and shuffle remain the same (besides the new colors), Apple did in fact bump up the specs in the touch, which are as follows:

  • Major camera upgrade from 5 megapixels to 8, matching the count on the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.
  • A8 chip for faster operation and better graphics for gaming. Will also help it plow through future iOS versions beyond iOS 9.
  • “M” chip from the iPhone for fitness, steps, and elevation tracking.
  • Pre-loaded with iOS 8.4 and Apple Music following the June 30th launch.
  • New 128GB model for $399, still starting at $199 for 16GB. There will also be a $299 model with 64GB of space.

I can guarantee that anyone who heard the rumors of Apple upgrading the iPod didn’t think we’d see this big of an upgrade, but we did. But now the question rises: will this upgrade be the savior of the iPod? Only time will tell if consumers are still interested in iPods.

We’ll keep you updated on all things iPod here at MBEDDED!